NDA Team Dart 2009

April 17-25, 2009

Riviera Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas, NV



NDA Team Dart FAQs

For full eligibility details or questions visit the NDA Web site at

www.ndadarts.com or call your local NDA operator.


Who can play on my team?

 Any sanctioned player from any of your Charter Holder’s leagues who has completed 96 league games with qualifying statistics is eligible to play on your team. YOU CANNOT PLAY WITH SOMEONE FROM ANOTHER CHARTER HOLDER.

·         Mixed Triples teams must have at least one woman on each team

·         Mixed Doubles Combo teams must consist of one woman & one man.


If one of my team members can’t come to the tournament at the last minute, can anyone substitute for that player at the tournament?

No, not just anyone. After March 14 all changes and substitutions must be made at the tournament and must meet the following criteria:

·         Alternate must be from the same league system.

·         Alternate must meet all eligibility requirements with stats on file on-site.

·         Alternate’s skill rating must be LESS THAN or EQUAL TO the player they are replacing.

·         In ladies or mixed events, the alternate must be of the same gender.



How do I know if I’m a Master-rated player?

 Master-rated criteria is as follows:

Players with the following Player Skill Ratings or above will be considered Masters in their respective events:

Event Team Maximum Doubles’ Maximum Singles’ Master

Player Rating

Open ‘01 118 PPD 59 PPD 30 PPD

Open Cricket 13.8 MPR 6.9 MPR 3.5 MPR

Mixed Doubles Combo 5.8 MPR 3.5 MPR and 30 PPD

Mixed Triples 701 81 PPD 30 PPD

Master rating may also be awarded to players who:

1. Are without a verifiable player skill rating (these players will play in masters only).

2. Placed in the money in an NDA’s master's level event in the last year.

3. Show “known ability” by placement in an NDA manufacturer sponsor’s major tournament.

4. Are “Dominant Players” in either soft or steel-tip darting.


No Master-rated player will be permitted to participate below level one. Two Master-rated playerson ANY team must play at the Masters’ level. For Mixed Doubles Combo, the open Cricket and ’01 rating will be used to determine master rated players. For Mixed Triples 701, the open criteria will be used to determine Master-rated players.

·         Note: Ladies playing in a non-ladies masters event (singles, doubles, mixed doubles or team) should use the open criteria to determine master's player ratings.

WAMO State Dart Tournament

May 14-17, 2009

Kalahari Resort, Wisconsin Dells




How many games do I need to qualify?

48 games on one team at time of entry.


Who do I write the entry fee check to?

Either your sponsor’s Operator or M.A.C.D.


Can I have a player on my team from another league system?

A team may use up to six (6) players all from the same league system.